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花钱源于汉代,花钱在早期使用的时候主要是汉族民间自娱自乐的一种玩钱,这种钱币由于不是流通钱,因此它的材质大都比较粗糙,汉族民间把这种钱俗称为“花钱”。“花钱”虽然具有钱币的形态,但不作流通使用,是钱币中的“非正用品”。汉族民间花钱的种类繁多,诸如开炉、镇库、馈赠、祝福、玩赏、戏作、配饰、生肖等等都要铸钱,这种“钱”,其实是专供某种需要的辟邪品、吉利品、纪念品。其中“吉语钱”是比较普遍的一类花钱。主要以“长命富贵”、“福德长寿”、“加官进禄”、 “天下太平”等吉语为内容,这同时也反应了中国传统文化的渗透力。

正因为花钱有多种亮点,花钱收藏队伍中不但包括了古钱收藏者,而且也包括了古 文化爱好者,艺术品爱好者等等。 在中外众多货币之中,中国花钱是独特的一族。从用途上看,它们不具备任何货币的功能;从外观上看,它们却都被铸成钱币的形状。眼下,花钱收藏相当热门,部分品种的价格甚至已经超过了同档次收藏钱币,真可谓不是钱币胜似钱币!有意者请来电0755-33241973咨询。

With a diameter of 45.1mm, a thickness of 2.9mm, and a weight of 31g, this piece of the eight trigrams of the 12 zodiac animals in the qing dynasty has been preserved completely. It is a rare beauty product with very high collection value and appreciation space.

Money comes from han dynasty, money used in the early days is mainly a kind of money for han folk to entertain themselves. This kind of money is not circulating money, so its material is rough. Han folk call this kind of money "money". Although "money" has the form of money, but not for circulation use, is in money "non-positive articles". Han people spend money in a wide variety of ways, such as open stove, zhenkuang, gifts, blessings, playtime, plays, accessories, zodiac animals and so on to cast money, this "money", in fact, is a special need for some kind of anti-evil goods, auspicious goods, souvenirs. Among them "auspicious language money" is a more common kind of spending money. It is mainly based on auspicious words such as "long life and wealth", "good fortune and longevity", "increasing officials, increasing wealth" and "peace in the world", which also reflects the penetration of Chinese traditional culture.

Just because there are many bright spots in spending money, the collection team includes not only ancient money collectors, but also ancient culture lovers, art lovers and so on. Chinese spending is a unique breed among currencies at home and abroad. In terms of use, they do not have any monetary function; From the outside, they were all cast in the shape of money. At present, spend money to collect quite popular, the price of partial breed already exceeded even collect coin of the same class, it may be said really is not coin is like coin! Interested parties please call 0755-33241973 for advice.



お金には様々なメリットがあるため、コレクションには古金マニアだけでなく、古い文化愛好家、芸術芸術家なども含まれている。国内外の多くの通货の中で、中国のお金を使うのは独特な一族です。用途上、それらは通货の机能を持っていません;外観はすべてコインの形になっています目下、金は非常に人気があって、一部の品种の価格はすでに一等级を越えて銭货を収蔵して、本当に货币に胜るものではありません!お問い合わせは0755-33 2473まで。




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